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Monday, August 6, 2012

Henry Buhl Illegal Planters Prince St. Update! Like Julien Chabbott Arrogant Mercer Hotel 'tude Above the Law!

I spoke to community board one today and the Dept of Transportation Inspector was suppose to go out today and issue violations.

Next comes a hearing and than comes the removal of the illegal planters placed their by Henry Buhl.

Barbara Thomas works for ACE a homless org supposedly helps homeless but she doesn't talk to people she does not know -- than how do you work with homeless?  She headed in to The Mercer Hotel Kitchen.
Later we were told a group came out like the KKK minus the hoods and applauded the illegal planters.
In the video you can see an employee of The Mercer Hotel come out and water the illegal planters.

Note the man of color chatting with Henry Buhl came up to me after learning the real story and apologized to me.  That is so rare to have someone wrong me and apologize.

I also believe Henry Buhl is incorrect about the Vesco money being returned.


Just so happens that when I first got involved fighting for the Veterans and Artists being harassed the charge was led by Michael Rawson of The Mercer Hotel who some how managed to get the NYPD to ignore all the illegally parked luxury vehicles that the doorman/valets would take the keys and tips confident their clients illegally parked cars would not be ticketed by the First Precinct and brownies now called traffic cops.

I know because I found a fake NYPD parking placard and I could not get any officer to ticket and when I finally go in touch with Internal Affairs they were pissed.  I know now to call 911.

2 years later the evil Henry Buhl -- an 82 year old smug arrogant man confident he is above the law and has so much money he could careless about breaking laws and incurring violations although the businesses he dropped the planters in front of will get them first and mostly likely hand them to him.

In the link I was sent by a whistle blower Henry Buhl is said to have inherited a 100,000 dollars from his dad at age 62 -- around the time he bought an artist's loft on Prince St.

2 years later I find that Internal Affairs has done nothing and the corrupt dealings with The Mercer Hotel continue on with Julien Chabbott confident he could park his car illegally because The Mercer Hotel has a special relationship with certain NYPD officers and perhaps retired cops or come on how else could this go on and on for as long as it has with the doormen/valets getting tips and not fear of ticketing yet the artist vendors and Veteran vendors live in constant fear for tickets, false arrests and harassment on behalf of The Mercer Hotel, Henry Buhl and a few wealthy people with designer dogs that have no fear they would lose their  money and be struggling the way the Little People they have harassed by the NYPD aka community pressure on the precinct.

Two worlds -- one of rich people above the law with what appears special treatment.  I called the First Precinct when Henry Buhl dropped the illegal planters.  No response.....much later after the fact I got a bogus email from 311 they did respond.

Yeah right.  If it was Occupy Wall St they planters would have been removed, tickets issued and arrests.

It is rich old Henry Buhl who was implicated I believe in 2 Vesco law suits that I have heard another unpleasant rumor about that translates again in to above the law and the illegal planters are still there.

Dept of Transportation gave corrupt Henry Buhl and his  illegal planters a month grace period.

The cop that arrested Julien Chabbott did not know no ticketing of rich luxury cars because there is an arrangement.   If I am wrong than explain how this arrangement has gone on for years now and the valets get tips and the hotel management is confident enough to supply the illegal parking.

The young man in filmed the YouTube in the text portion even says incorrectly the hotel has a right to park there and every corrupt cop and retired cop involved with the hotel as well as management wants you little people to believe that lie.

The sign saws "loading and unloading" not private parking The Mercer Hotel.  I went over this with Internal Affairs 2 years ago.