Evidence NYPD Police Commissioner O'Neill Protecting Crimes My Case


There are YouTube of me confronting O'Neill and his former boss Bratton about a C#nt to turn the tables on me and they are not surprised at all - there are no Sherlock Holmes they're not interested in getting to the truth or Justice they are committed to covering up Crimes? Three police commissioners have protected crimes in my case a pile up of crimes from a doctors office to a the First Precinct w/ Internal Affairs protection like internal Affairs protected Sex Crimes Lt Lamboy and others! YouTube of me confronting Sheldon Silver two years before he's arrested. YouTube of me confronting the corrupt misogynist racist dirty DA Cy Vance years before he is outed for pay to play violence, sex assaults, Rape....etc.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NYPDONeill‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDChiefofDept‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDFIRSTDEP‬⁩ ⁦‪@TheIACP‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDnews‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDDetectives‬⁩ ⁦‪@MjrCitiesChiefs‬⁩⁦‪@NYPDChiefPatrol‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYCPBA‬⁩⁦‪@MarcSantia4NY‬⁩ ⁦‪@NYPDCT‬⁩youtu.be/syrc3ncHFTI ask PC O’Neill, Bratton, Ray Kelly, Pulaski, Boyce, Esposito, Banks, Lt Gannon about audio Sgt Chen PO Magori prevent me from reporting Delita Hooks false cross complaint lying I am not from DA or a det. so I am not allowed to report the crime! #NYPD Lies!

2020 http://misogynistnyc.blogspot.com/2015/03/racism-misogyny-dumbcuntlives-matter.html?m=1

After all these years I finally found something I didn't know I had a photograph of the tweet that may be from NYPD or someone connected to the NYPD a racist misogynist telling me my life doesn't matter and I got what I deserved because I defend Black People!

NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely violent receptionist Delita's running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest Oct 16 immediate than Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Saturday oct. 20, 2012 4PM IAB let him and his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE I am alleging fix, favors and retaliation -- please look at the first page -- it mentions HP tied to 911 Tech corruption as well as mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly free rides Air Bloomberg....http://www.scribd.com/doc/188752042/NYPD-Commissioner-Ray-Kelly-Charles-Campisi-DI-Ed-Winski-Lt-Agnes-Lt-Angelo-Burgos-IAB-Sgt-Mary-O-Donnell-Sgt-Chen-Det-Andy-Dwyer-Det-John-Ve

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

McDonald's by NY Penn Station Crazy Man Arrested Feb 22

 The public was frustrated with the NYPD as well because they are so visually present because of Penn station yet when they called 911 they didn't come right away .

 I took more photos and videos but these are the two that I chose to post online .

 The YouTube of the arrest is now license by Newsflare so if anyone wanted  to use it they would have to get permission from newsdesk@newsflare.com

Sunday, February 24, 2019

I am an artist violated at Dr Andrew Fagelman's 155 Spring St than came more threats more horrific behavior and they all thought this would go away?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@ielshareef‬⁩ ⁦‪@RonanFarrow‬⁩ ⁦‪@adamentous‬⁩ ⁦‪@NewYorker‬⁩ Rough draft collage book cover Wall Around Justice NYPD police commissioner DA laughing at me!Me 1PP, NYT b4 I am violated at Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks, my techno art 1990s, NYPD crimes, deletion Wikipedia page, YouTube channel removed Bloomberg protested City Hall third term etc pic.twitter.com/aocWxxy2HO
Top cops on down and the dirtiest DA in the shortest amount of time Cy Vance thought this would go away 

With no sleep I made a rough rough cover which will be made over by professional commercial artist

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Vornado Realty Pro or Against Dr Fagelman Perjury Involving Violence Hurting Patient 155 Spring Street?

155 Spring Street Dr Fagelman rents from Vornado Realty Trust and he tried to put the negligence and liability on his landlord Vornado?

I guess Vornado likes tenants like Dr Andrew Fagelman that lie and lie even UNDER OATH!
There is no doubt in my mind Dr Andrew Fagelman picked up the phone and he with his corrupt pals organized the goal of coercing me with Delita Hooks walking in way after the fact to file a false cross complaint and she and others lied on company time to Det Andrew Dwyer who knew they were lying and for his dirty dealing and participating in breaking laws NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer got promoted to working on the NYPD FBI Task force.

At lot of laws have been broken, my patient rights violated, I was seriously injured including a hole in my retina and cervical damage, Delita Hooks knew I had a lot of fibriod tumors it was something I told her the first time I ever spoke to her so she lied under oath about only remembering me once but why should Delita Hooks not lie when she has Dr Andrew Fagelman a liar and manipulator even more so than she lying as well.

Is this the kind of tenant Steven Roth Vornando Realty Trust wants as tenant at 155 Spring St.

Is this kind of behavior a plus for other renters?

Vornado Realty Trust has conduct and ethics and I would like to ask if the see ethical behavior at 155 Spring Street?


David Greenbaum of Vornado Realty I would like to ask him if this behavior is okay and it does go down in to the hall way although her violating my patient rights started behind the reception desk and not one woman in the video offered me assistance and they saw I was wounded starting with my eye!

I was violated in front of them and they DID worse than nothing they with Dr Fagelman decided to lie and blame me!

Dr Fagelman tried to say the attack did not happen on his property but Vornado realty's property but you see me being hit over and over while she is standing on his property.

NYPD det John vergona omitted everything you see and EVERYTHING I told him including her inappropriate touching of my vaginal area from his police reports and he all involved including Dr Andrew Fagelman have been PROTECTED every step of the way!


Dr Andrew Fagelman 155 Spring Street did not fire his violent lying employee but joined her committing perjury over and over in depositions where he said under other the assault did not take place on his property!

See this violence at 155 Spring street Dr Fagelman fired no one but joined in the lying and unethical behavior and it appeared to me in a deposition he tried to put the liability on Vornado Realty the landlords!!!!

Did Dr Fagelman hurt me? Yes Oct 1 when Dr Vine told me she demanded he fire Delita Hooks and he did not and he hurt me in more ways than more on that later but sitting in a depo watching his Reprehensible behavior listening to his lies yes that hurts too he hurt me a patient and my patient rights were violated and my body was violated because he is a negligent irresponsible creep who is not shy about perjury.

 He did not have guidelines seven years ago but what would it matter if he doesn't understand right from wrong than and now --- it was amazing to sit there and watch them both try and put it on his landlord.

Where is Delita Hooks standing when she holds up her hand and threatens to slap the crap out of my ass?   Where she standing when she hits me multiple times?

 She lied so much under oath but occasionally she did tell a few truths like she gave me the finger three times!

 When she did that she was on Dr. Fagelman's propety!  

I don't know how these people live with themselves it's just seems evil and cruel so please don't tell me they're good because they have been consistently more than bad for over 6 1/2 years now I call it  evil  I was supposed to be safe at a doctors office to lie about a medical patient to abuse a medical patient to abuse a medical patients rights to hit someone when they're holding bag so my about it and blame them what kind of people blame the victim but I just want to know do their landlords know the latest false  narrative they conjured up ?????

Dr Fagelman and Delita Hooks lied about a lot under oath including about when Dr Vine moved out!

Not only did they both lie under oath the doctor and his employee but did someone help them construct a new false narrative that they believed might alleviate liability because I was a PATIENT 
 I was another doctor's patient and I just had a painful cyst removed two injections in my arm I was thirsty I was happy I was polite and I was nice and I don't like being lied about and told and yelled at that I don't have any rights and that is not the Vornado's liabilty! 

Delita Hooks violated my patient rights,  humiliated me, lied about me menaced me coming out from behind a closed off reception desk harassed and he followed me she and I were never ever alone and I tried to get help my doctors assistant is a witness and to date she's never been interviewed by the Manhattan DA or the police along with my doctor in fact the NYPD refused to meet me because they were going to do fixing in favors for the rich doctor but I'd like to know where the rich doctor's landlord stands on all this...

Delita Hooks committed crimes in his office standing on his property they Dr F and Delita came up with a new false narrative -- there have been several -- When the creeps didn't know I had a video they thought they'd lie and say I attacked -- the newest new one that I followed her down the hallway before I started photographing her  which simply is not true --- these people are liars and to me this is flat out evil 

but I just want to know if their landlords know that they tried to put the liability on them and who encouraged them to do that or did they come up with that on their own?  

Dr Fagelman acts like lying is a team sport including under oath! 

Dr F and Delita who goes by Delite and Dee both lied that she had no title that she was not a receptionist or an office manager!   I don't think that's the only reason she removed her LinkedIn page where she stated she's in office manager  --  on her first cross complaint it says she's a receptionist and then there's the article in Jamaica news were at an art curator and I'm an artist by the way who now has laser surgery in one eye and I have floaters in both eyes and cervical damage and I'm traumatized out of my mind because of what went on at Dr Fagelman's!

He lied about Dr Vine not confronting him AND HE DID THIS UNDER OATH!!     NYPD chronically lied under oath so much a term attributed to that is "testifying". 

Dr Fagelman Mr perjury lied stating it did not happen on his property!  Well who's property did it happen for on?

The hallway it's Vornado and he shares the hallway but what happened happened on his property starting behind the receptionist desk!!!!

 I wrote my doctor note which was stolen she never got it and how do you think my attacker got my name since I wasn't her doctors patient? She stated under oath via "social media". 

 To date no investigator ever asked me not the NYPD or the DA how did she get my name?

 Delita Hooks exemplary says liar Dr Andrew Fagelman.....

 That's the descriptive unusual word and I sought in the patient's Google review and I wonder if he discussed me with that patient because he didn't meet under oath he did discuss me with patients!

 This is a man who never apologize to me but chose to lie about me and what happened and he lied about me to Patients  blamed me and he started doing so under oath! 

Is his perjury and Delita Hooks perjury exemplary what he and his friends call exemplary means what? Perjury a fun thing, just a fun thing to do because they are Confident they're above any accountability there above any accountability involving the violence the threats to force me drop charges against my well I was a human pin yada holding my bags I had two injections in my left arm and I was assaulted and over and over but first my patient rights were violated and I wrote my doctor a note and she never got it because it was stolen.

 I'm just curious of Renato Realty and 155 Spring St. knows that they came up in a deposition and it seem to me the doctor was lying trying to put the negligence and violence on them so that's the case so they aware of that and do they really wanna rent to such an unethical creep unless they are pro violence and lying including under oath? 

Participating in the goal to coerce me is a crime that has no statue of limitations along with other crimes in my case.
5 Spring Street, Bill Bratton, David Greenbaum, Delita Hooks exemplary, Detective Andrew Dwyer, Dr Fagelman assault, NYPD FBI Task Force, NYPD PC O'Neill, Ray Kelly, Soho MD, Steve Roth, Vornado, 

5 Spring Street, Bill Bratton, David Greenbaum, Delita Hooks exemplary, Detective Andrew Dwyer, Dr Fagelman assault, NYPD FBI Task Force, NYPD PC O'Neill, Ray Kelly, Soho MD, Steve Roth, Vornado, 

Dr Fagelman Perjury Blames Vornado Realty 155 Spring St?

Dr Fagelman Perjury Blames Vornado Realty 155 Spring St?

Does Vornado know? Wow I am in shock PTSDing...

Hi.  See those women -- rather than stop Delita Hooks who has now admitted giving me the finger three times so that means two behind my back after she menaced me and stalked me coming out from behind the long closed off reception desk....

they held the door screaming Dee no!
  They lied as a group...not knowing that video camera on my iPhone was running that is until Delita Hooks struck me with a running punch like the game knock at the Jew....

Lying to the police and the Manhattan DA -- even if they are corrupt is still a crime.

Why weren't Dr Andrew Fugleman and Delita Hooks shy about lying under oath committing perjury?

They are liars and it is not a new habit and they are protected by people that also lie?

I am just trying to understand why they blatantly lied and lied this time under oath.

Amazing Dr Fagelman tried to put the negligence on Vornado Realty!  Wow! SHOCKING!

When is lying okay?   At a medical office you would hope never lie  but if you are unethical  and need a favor than finding an unethical MD  scratch his back he scratches yours Delita Hooks too?  I am just wondering because both who aren't  shy about committing perjury

 Under oath Dr Fagelman's "exemplery" employee admitted I asked would you consider paper cups instead of styrofoam it is better for the environment -- those woman all lied as a group not knowing I had the YouTube not that it matter because the NYPD did fixing and favors for two manipulative liars who have no fears of being held accountable the latest now perjury!

Dr Andrew Fagelman and Delita Hooks are about the same age and I am decade older and a was Dr Vine's patient -- I left with a hole in my retina.

Dr Andrew Fagelman lied under oath --- He stated it did not happen on his property!

First he admitted he watched the YouTube 6 times in six years.

I guess Vornado Realty Trust is okay with a tenant lying under oath and trying to put the blame on Vornado?  Is Vornado?

By the way Dr Andrew Fagelman and Delita Hooks lied a lot under oath.  Why not? So far they seem to have powerful friends who do not like my blog so they are willing to help continue to treat me like a Jew in the Early Stages of Nazi Germany and protect a pile up of crimes from an MD's office to the First Precinct to Internal Affairs and 1 police plaza!  Cy Vance gang Joan Illuzzi in front of witnesses admitted I am a victim of 2nd degree assault and Delita Hooks also filed a false cross complaint.

At the time I did not have a copy of a signed letter from Delita Hooks to NYPD detective Andrew Dwyer only threatening me again this time with another false cross complaint that would be a falsified 2nd degree assault charge!

Does Dr Fagelman think Vornado realty and David Greenbaum and Steve Roth are okay with violent and lies threatening a medical patient after repeatedly savage assault by an employee Delita Hooks who should never have come out from behind the reception desk.

The horror story and the lies are on going.....   they think yet another person in power -- a judge is going to ignore Dr Andrew Fagelman's perjury, negligence --- why shouldn't Dr Fagelman lie and commit more wrongs -- he has been protected every step of the way.

Dr Fagelman and Delita Hooks lied often under oath  -- perjury was  like they were blowing their  nose--- giving me the finger yet again a big F you and they are confident the can get away with it.

By the way Delita Hooks even lied about not having nicknames.

She said she has none.  I know of two -- one I learned from the YouTube "Dee" and the other from the receptionist that Delita Hooks lied about under oath stating she was not there before or after the assault -- from the police precinct I called and I asked my MD Dr Vine's receptionist -- I am a the police station -- can you tell me the name of the woman that hit me?

Her name I was told "Delite".  Now why would Delita Hooks commit PERJURY about her nickname Delite.....



Voro Realty Trust, Dr Andrew Fagelman, 155 Spring Street, Perjury, Steven Roth, David R Greenbaum

Vornado Realty Trust, Dr Andrew Fagelman, 155 Spring Street, Perjury, Steven Roth, David R Greenbaum

Vornado Realty Trust, Dr Andrew Fagelman, 155 Spring Street, Perjury, Steven Roth, David R Greenbaum

Vornado Realty Trust, Dr Andrew Fagelman, 155 Spring Street, Perjury, Steven Roth, David R Greenbaum

Monday, February 4, 2019

NYPD Mega Buck Budget ask them about 911 Tech Corruption besides using Federal Plane as a Taxi...

The NYPD have been chronically  covering up a lot of crimes wrongdoing abuse of power violation of civil rights were talking chronic violations wrong doing....

911 Originally known as ECTP or  mayor Michael Bloomberg's tech titanic over $1 billion over budget it's amazing both CityTime and 911 tech  Titanic's are destined for the dumpster and cops can still easily steal overtime with the flood payroll system using a pen or a pencil ...

 I have to look it up I can explain it all to you PSAC1and PSAC2 There are two Mergen see command centers they both were late contractors delivered late and below par no rest but I agree to a running punched my head twice a hole in my retina cervical damage threaten repeatedly finally doing an open investigation and in a signed letter to a detective that got promoted to the NYPD FBI task force after breaking laws and violating my civil rights he was in alone doing it everyone either got promoted or was allowed to retire welcome to corrupt New York City where there's no concept of human dignity let alone civil rights and the law applying to equally http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2016/08/911-tech-corruption-bigger-than.html?m=1
 there are far more articles about the FDNY 91 one to go back for years this is the most current ...

 When I testified at City Hall I was second to last I had waited hours we had been insulted we were told by the mayor that was Michael Bloomberg his deputy mayor how stupid we were insulted trashed and later the mayor would have to apologize because we were right and he was wrong just like CITYTIME and SAIC! ( Rudy Giuliani gave us CityTime and pushed SAIC --  his deputy mayor's turn lobbyists pushed every dirty deal possible including an MTA deal and I was the first person to say we have to terminate our contract with SAIC ...)

 I can't do all the research but Google  FBI SAIC Trilogy, SAIC Trailblazer scandal - yes tied to Sept 11...) plenty more  and Giuliani and Bloomberg pushed SAIC like they were pushing heroin...   The first thing mayor Bloomberg should've done is thrown out the payroll system and gotten rid of SAIC... he did not because they're powerful connections and anyone who wants to be in the White House isn't going to burn that bridge they're just gonna let us be robbed and handed below par work overbilled to the max ... amazing de Blasio and his DOITT head letting these System to continue!!!!!!

City’s emergency call system goes back to having 911 operators connect callers directly to FDNY dispatchers - NY Daily News



From June 7 --  in 2011 remember they were two articles very close in time where the system flatlined https://www.emsworld.com/news/10726367/glitch-flat-lines-nycs-ems-911-system-hour

I went and testified  at City Hall calling for prosecution of crooks anc I wanted to know why Mark Carsons ambulance was late he was shot in the head because he was gay people think he didn't have a chance but I want to know why his ambulance was late it's true that the closest hospital was also close thanks to Rudin family greed luxury condos were being... rudins family bad Xeroxes  of their grandparents would never of done that ever!

 Scroll down to the bottom for a link to me writing about how New Jersey you could text 911 and reported about exclusively but not New York City still not talked about or discussed Gee I wonder why....

The FDNY dumped mayor Michael Bloomberg BloomdeBlasio 911 tech mess...but not the NYPD...Top NYPD are just protecting crimes in many of our cases were top cops protected cops violently threatening us including over the phone, falsifying a police reports, all kinds of wrong doing they also protect taking lavish gifts from Contractors like Verizon Verizon return $50 million under New York City comptroller John Liu but under Scott Stringer only 10.5 Million dollars from Hewlett-Packard who I was told open the floodgates open season is over bill which letter over inflating any which way it's over $1 billion today you can still not text 911 although New Jersey you can text...

 When NYPD obstruct justice, when they're involved in heinous crimes against women like the Prospect Park Rape victim or in my case you either get to retire or promoted to working with the New York FBI I kid you not...,

The NY FBI misogynist central?  Why are NYPD allowed to violate our civil rights break laws violate their oath and get promoted to working with the New York FBI question another layer of Teflon and if we call them into court I'll go over there on some mission....

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
⁦‪@NewYorkFBI‬⁩ Dr Fagelman didn't fire Delita Hooks 1800Fixit Det V threatened me violently over phone w/arrest unless I dropped charges!Hooks ltr to Det Dwyer threatens me w/2ndfalsecrosscomplt Dwyer PROMOTED NYPD FBI Task Force FBpals 01 Det V party coercion &PO Schatz misogynistnyc.blogspot.com/2017/08/nypd-d…

 I create a false arrest twice  after being violently threatened over the phone line NYPD detective whose partner in crime got promoted to the NYPD FBI task force .

 Not one arrest after $60.5 million was returned a 911 and that was just the tip of an iceberg and I question whether Scott stringer kept the payback to only $10.5 million because his good friend puppet string master George Arzt allegedly a lobbyist for Hewett packer ECTP ....

911 tech --  top cops took lavish gifts for and since from Verizon who return 50 million but no top cops were punished they didn't have to return the money and they never blew the whistle on the fact contractors were delivering late and delivering crap I know I was there I testified at City Hall calling for criminal prosecution....!

 You can hear my testimony posted on YouTube -- Before walked into City Hall and asked for prosecution I met Ray Kelly and handed him my Justice card about being coerced and inside chief Chuck Dowd who is head of technology and didn't even want to tell me what department he works for!  The news was not out yet about his lavish gifts and I believe that also included firstnet -- We are nothing we have apparently zero constitutional rights although my dad served in World War II it's OK to treat me like a Jew in the early stages in Nazi Germany and try and beat me to a pulp threatened me multiple times break how many laws well these people supposedly patriots allowed contractors tied to the New York pensions to grossly over a bill and put our City in jeopardy--  they were people who slept with died because 911 tech failed to send people to the wrong address and they sued and they did not get justice it seems like there's a huge big wall around the justice system of New York City or the injustice system and the people who should care and take action don't --  why should day they get their paycheck and pensions whether they take action or not passing the corruption book makes life easier for people that don't care don't have ethics don't seem to understand civil rights the constitution ....

Suzannah B. Troy artist: 911 Tech Corruption Bigger than CityTime PSAC2 aka 2nd Command Center Still Not Up

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The New York Post blocks readers via Safari

The New York Post blocks readers via Safari.....

 ....And you thought it was personal ?

Pay to play....oh...pay yo read....?