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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Occupy Wall Street 3 Actions Tomorrow!

TAKE ACTION: Three events tomorrow you should know about

Dear allies, supporters and activists:

There are three actions happening tomorrow that need the 99% to rally and support. Please join in on one of these and spread the word!

1. Take Down the Tax Dodgers
11:30 am >> West St. and Barclay St., New York, NY 10018

What do Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Verizon have in common? All three have spent millions to lobby the government, while not paying their fair share in federal income taxes over the last three years. We pay our taxes and so should big corporations! Tax dollars help to ensure that our kids can get a good education, for police and firemen to protect our communities, and to maintain our roads and infrastructure. Verizon, Wells Fargo and Bank of America are taking advantage of the 99% that are left to fund the services that they use.

Our government used to be run for the benefit of everyone, not just those rich enough to buy access.

We must stand together to fight back. They may have more money to spend, but they need to know we have the power of the people on our side.

2. Support Cablevision Workers' Right to Organize

These workers have withstood a blistering assault on their right to form a union.  Instead of coming to the table and discussing the merits of union representation in the open, Cablevision management is truly taking the low road, by pressuring workers with misinformation in endless “captive audience meetings.”

Despite this enormous pressure from the management 1%, the 99% are standing strong.  Help support their effort right now.  Check out their powerful video atwww.thecablevision99.org/
action, then follow the directions on the action page to email Cablevision management and let them know their workers have the right to organize free from harassment and intimidation.

Cablevision workers have the right to decide for themselves whether a union is the best way to bring about a safer work environment, better healthcare, a more secure retirement and salaries that allow them to support their families.

Click here to stand up for the cablevision 99%. Tell Cablevision management it is morally wrong to force workers to run a gauntlet of intimidation and misinformation simply because they seek to exercise their democratic right to have a voice at work, and to achieve a measure of equity and dignity on the job.

3. Public Financing of Elections in New York State: Campaign Strategy Session
5:00 pm >> 256 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018
Join us at a meeting to share information and discuss strategy for implementing Public Financing of Elections in New York State in 2012. Find out the simple things you can do to make this happen this year and WHY it's critical to all the campaigns you work on!

Join Community, Labor, Reform, Faith and Advocacy groups working together to change NYS elections. We'll be meeting at the UAW Conference Rooms at 256 W 38th St New York, NY -- 12th floor

We’ve got our best chance in many years to actually pass major campaign finance reform. Governor Cuomo has added it to his 2012 agenda, put it on the top of his list of reforms, and committed in his State of the State to passing a bill implementing public financing this year. Speaker Silver is on our side as well. And Leader Skelos can be convinced to accept reform – with your help. If we are going to advance social and economic justice in NY - we need elections for the 99% - not the 1%. Come find out more.

You, your staff and activists are invited to this group meeting. Come, learn about the issue, what you can do to help and share ideas for how we can achieve this long-sought goal this spring.

RSVP to Citizen Action of New York: rsvp@citizenactionny.org

In solidarity,

Caroline Leader
99PercentNY.org Web Organizer
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